Allow me to start by introducing myself: My name is Gerhard de Vries, age 50: I have been an active association member of the BMW Club Netherlands Commission since 1996, as well as an ambassador of the BMW Club Netherlands.

19 years ago I came across the E9 3.0 CSI in Alpine White, a car which was provided by Henk Speek of Brové (former chairman of the BMW Coupé Association Netherlands). Where had this car been? I wanted to buy it but I was told that it had been damaged so badly in an accident that it had to be scrapped. After searching for two years I found a 2800CS in Fjord Blue. But five years later I realised it was badly rusted and I decided not to spend any more of my time on it.

In 2005, I took on a side-lined restoration project and decided to put an E9 in my garage once again – this time in Polaris Silver. It was disappointing. Once I had assembled everything I needed, I started welding the metal parts and reconstructing the interior.

However, there was a problem. I couldn’t get any sound out of the engine. On closer inspection it seemed that the engine was stuck and there was no way of getting it to move. So I then set off in search of another engine for my E9, and eventually I found one. Unfortunately, however, I lacked the space and the knowledge to replace it.

My friends at St. Anthonis HencoCars offered to take care of the changeover for me, so at the end of March I was able to drive the first few metres in my 2800CS. All that was missing was the mandatory TÜV technical inspection, then the first stage was complete. Of course there was still a lot to be done, but after nine years I finally wanted to enjoy my dream automobile. The time finally came on 13 April 2015. I went with my son in my E46 touring to collect the E9. Right away the two of us went on our first trip in the E9 and travelled 140 km. It felt really special.

My great desire now is for me and my classic car to be involved in the BMW 100th anniversary and the opening of BMW Classics in Munich in 2016.